How To Travel in a Healthy and Mindful Way

Recent life experiences required me to research deeply into the concept of traveling in a healthy and mindful way. An impending 16-hour flight will do that to a person.

During this research, I found out some enlightening tips and thought I would share them with you, too! This is not only for airplane travel but, also for you if you travel for work often, or are going on a long road trip.

Bring Protein and Nutrient rich snacks

Baby Puree: I know, I know. But these are wonderful, nutritious and low in calories!

Bring Water

Bring a Water Bottle with you, and be sure to fill it up and most importantly, DRINK it. Being out of your element can get you out of the habit of hydrating. Planes and travels can cause dehydration, so don’t be afraid to guzzle from that bottle. Wine also dehydrates. Sorry to say!

I recommend a glass water bottle such as this one. Because it’s glass, it won’t add a plastic or metallic taste. Also, whatever you do, don’t bring a water bottle with a straw (unless you can fold it in). I brought my Starbucks cup, and we kept forgetting that it will spill if the backpack wasn’t upright! Big no-no.

Stay moisturized

Bring chapstick. Another side effect is dehydration is dry lips. You don’t want no flakeys on your upper lip!

Soft Lips is my go to. It is super light feeling on the lips. It has the benefit of SPF, too!

Moisturizer. Don’t forget to moisturize that pretty face of yours.

Cerave is my absolutely favorite! I use their face wash, sunscreen, and night moisturizer. It has the best ingredients, and is great for sensitive skin.

Travel Pillow

But not just any travel pillow. We discovered the wonder of the J Pillow on our travels, and sleeping is forever changed. Sleep in any position! Bonus? It works at home on the couch, as well!

Blanket Scarf

Seriously, amazing. Get a big square scarf that is soft and cozy (like this one), use it a scarf or use it as a blanket. Perfect for plane travel, and stylish to boot.

Stretches and Strengthening

Practice stretching and strengthening while traveling. Get up, walk around, make a pitstop and MOVE. Your body is not meant to sit all day long. Walking, stretching and strengthening burns calories. You can stretch and strengthen even sitting! Here’s a great article; check it out!


Set up some playlists before you travel. On a Red Eye flight? Download some Sleep and Relaxation playlists before boarding. On a Road Trip? Hello, get some tunes to make it that much more fun!


Because you can wear them to sleep, to workout, to hang out, you name it. ALO Leggings (see here) are some of my favorite. They are on the pricier side but, worth every penny.

Pack light

Pack what you need within easy access of you. I cannot stress this enough. On our flight, I had so many items in my carry-on that I never used because we tucked it in the overhead compartment and it was too much work in the dark to pull down. Everything you want to use should easily fit below the seat in front of you.

Traveling and exploring is such a beautiful way to be human. Sometimes, though, we can forget what it means to be healthy and happy on the road. I hope the above suggestions will help you on your own journeys!

If I could offer just one piece of advice, it would be to take care of yourself, in everything that you do.