How to Throw Away that Mayonnaise for Good

I love mayonnaise. Who is with me? You’re either on the mayonnaise train, or you hate the texture. That said, just one tablespoon of mayonnaise has 90 calories, and is high in fat. But, who is good at staying under one tablespoon per serving? If you order a burger at a restaurant, it is pretty much guaranteed to be served with more than that. And what about potato salad or deviled eggs (my favorite)? ​

What I’m suggesting is tackling the mayonnaise dilemma from two angles. Here goes:

At a restaurant, ask for the mayonnaise/dressings on the side.

This request puts you in control of your own portion sizing. Keep in mind, the restaurant will more than likely give you more than what they would have included on your burger or salad (so that it fills up the ramekin properly). So make sure you don’t just dump all of the contents on the plate. Take a spoon and scoop up a light spoonful and spread onto your burger or salad, and then let go the rest.

At home, consider replacing mayonnaise with one of these 5 following healthier options:

Hummus: I looove hummus! Trying all sorts of different flavors is my favorite activity. It is made from pureed chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, garlic and lemon juice. It’s usually about 25 calories in a tablespoon, with fiber and protein to boot.

Olive Oil: This Mediterranean staple is packed with monounsaturated fatty acids (aka good fats). Calories do add up here, though, so be sure to watch your portion size here, too!

Avocado: Sign me up for some avonnaise. With just a quarter of the calories of mayonnaise, and full of healthy monounsaturated fat, fiber, Vitamin C and folate, this naturally creamy spread is where it’s at. Just peel, mash with a fork, add herbs, salt and pepper to taste!

Low-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt: One tablespoon of Greek Yogurt is just 8 calories and 1.5 grams of protein and calcium! I always add some fresh herbs (dill or cilantro, for instance), along with salt and pepper for taste.

Soft Goat Cheese: With about 35 calories per tablespoon, this yummy mayo/cow cheese alternative is a perfect addition to your sandwich or salad. It’s also richer in nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. It’s also easier to digest!

Got any additional tips to keep mayo off the radar? Share them below!