Life is about Balance, in all that you do

Life is about balance, in all that you do.

I am a firm believer that true happiness is less about the high you get from one elated moment (feeling “happy”), but rather a constant contentedness with a balanced lifestyle (feeling “content”).

​I have had those amazing moments of feeling happy. Elated. When your endorphins are turned up to 110%, your mind is racing, and you feel like you can do anything because you’re so ridiculously happy.

​I have also had those moments when I feel unhappy. The sadness takes over, your mind is tormented with negative thoughts, and all you can think of worse case scenarios.

I’ve realized that both emotions are most always triggered by exterior reactors, and neither of them are steady and sustainable in a healthy lifestyle.

​Most certainly, neither of them are perfect.

Where there is contentment, and what I now call my happiness standard, is when I allow room for both, without letting either take over completely.

The true happiness standard, in my book, is when I feel contentment. It is when my lifestyle is balanced; living between the highs, and recognizing that I am most content in the in-between balance.

Although happiness may not be as exciting or emotional as our culture has led us to believe, between the highs and lows is where true happiness awaits you.  ​