Yoga by day, wine by night!

At Balance + Vine, yoga and wine is a way of life.

Both yoga and wine offer the ability to brighten your life, to connect more deeply and unite mind, body and spirit.

With yoga, you are given the tools to connect breath to movement while lessening the confusion in your mind.

With wine, it is a chance to lower inhibitions and release endorphins while bringing you closer to your community of loved ones.

With our namesake being balance, our mission is to promote a healthy way of wellbeing that isn’t just about one aspect of your life but the whole. Our mission to teach you a new way of holistic health that isn’t about being strict yet it isn’t about letting it all go, either. Our mission is to share with you tips on how to live a healthy, balanced life in all aspects: mind, body and spirit.

Follow along to learn about how you can embrace living a fully balanced life!

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