3 Amazing Yoga Videos Guaranteed to Ease Shoulder Tension

A friend of mine recently reached out to ask if I could give him a few yoga stretches to help with back, neck and shoulder relief (shoutout to Kolby!). It came right after I took this phenomenal Yin Yoga class, so I’m all about the slow stretch feels right now. I of course answered with “Heck yes, I’ll create a blog post all about this!

That said, it actually got me thinking about all the amazing resources we have nowadays online. How we have a fantastic community of likeminded people creating and developing resources to help other people out. So, instead of creating my own video or photos this week (dare I say, reinvent the wheel?!), I decided to support my community and give shoutouts to those who have come before me by giving you a link to their videos.

I have added these based on timing (from 32 minutes to 8 minutes), so you can pick and choose based on the amount of time you have available in your busy day.

1) 32-minute visual and audio yoga class for shoulders and back

2) 17-minute audio and visual yoga class for neck and shoulder relief

3) 8-minute full yoga tutorial for neck and shoulder tension

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