How to Turn Around Negative Thoughts

A friend and I were walking the other day, and a bee flew within centimeters of my body. I yelped and quickly moved out of the way. But much to my dismay, my friend moved toward the bee, excitedly trying to touch it saying, “Sting me!” I could have keeled over in concern for my dear friend, when she then explained, “I have arthritis; bee stings help.”

We both had reactions to the bee, but the reactions couldn’t have been any more different. Granted, perhaps there are better ways to alleviate her pain (replacing one pain for another?) but, we still viewed the exact same situation very differently.

“When disturbed by negative thoughts, opposite ones should be thought of.” – Pratipaksha Bhavanam, Yoga Sutra Book 2, chapter 33

For instance in your yoga practice, see what it’s like to take something negative, and see how you can twist it to make it positive. “I’m not flexible enough in my hamstrings,” could turn into, “I’m not flexible in my hamstrings because my legs are perfectly balanced as they are already.”

​I challenge you to question your thoughts in the best way possible. Change them for the positive, and see what arises for you.

What thoughts could you change in your daily life in order to experience a more peaceful day?

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