How to Not Let Others Control Your Self-Worth

It’s time to shine, you legends. How many times in your life have you thought you’re too…something?

  • Too loud.
  • Too strong.
  • Not feminine enough.
  • Not masculine enough.
  • Too quiet.
  • Too successful.
  • Too smart.
  • Too dumb.
  • The list goes on…

There is something going on here that is so much deeper. Here’s how: From a young age, we oftentimes equate our self-worth to how others see us, rather than how we see our own self. Ironically, the way you see others is always through your own lens; a reaction from your own life experiences, emotions and cognition. It’s truly never about the other person; it’s how you react to their action that makes it so.

So, jump back to how we let our self-worth be affected by how we assume others see us. You are actually projecting your own lens onto them. Hence, your self-worth is something that is always and fully controlled by you. No other person in this world has the power to make you feel less then. There are people that will try. There are people that have self-worth issues and want you to get on their level of self-doubt. But you don’t have to let them. Your lens (think of it as a camera) in which you see the world is your ability to control what you see: when to let the light in, when to shade it out, when to point your lens at something else, and when to zoom.

What if you were to take one moment today to just be unapologetically YOU. In your mind’s eye, picture that face, or that sea of faces that you always have thought were the culprits. See them? Him? Her? Now re-evaluate if it was ever about them, or if perhaps it is where your lens is currently aiming. Then say to them through your lens, “I am unapologetically ME.” And then turn on the rose-colored filter because life is prettier that way, anyway. ​

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